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Nazm Novin is a political journal that began its publication in 1979, in Tehran, Iran, The pressing question at that time was the nature of the Islamic government and whether the left should support the Islamic Regime or not. There were various analyses about the issue: some groups labeled the state as a mercantile bourgeoisie, others called it the Mullah’s regime and finally the Left organizations of Iran labeled it as a petty bourgeoisie state.

Nazm Novin published the opposing views within the Left in Iran. It later put forth the concept of Khomeinism as a unique form of government and as an Islamic Populist regime in Iran .

The year 1982 was the time when the opposition parties and publications were banned in Iran and many activists were arrested and some were executed.

Nazm Novin started its publication again in January, 1984 in the United States and published several journals addressing important political issues of Iran and of international politics of that time.

The editors of Nazm Novin found it necessary to publish the journal in the Web. What was considered as a shortcoming of the journal in the past was the fact that it did not address the concept of Political Islam in Iran and in the Middle East in its full extent, which is the intend of this website.

We invite those who are interested to publish their views in Nazm Novin.


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